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We have a series of innovative & high-quality products that helps to improve women's reproductive health issues & improving the quality of a woman's life. SAN AI Bio Science exclusively patented the product range & these products are ideal for healthy development of female reproductive system in the health industry. Ever since the rise of awareness for the reproductive health program in 2010, R.TCM.P.
Margaret Wong had then recommended an alternative detoxification method to resolve the issues for example like endocrine disorders & gynecological problems.

R.TCM.P Margaret Wong story to share. 🎀
During the 3 months of detoxification, heavy green and yellow excretions were discharged. What was even more shocking was during the menstrual period, discharge of lumpy clog blood the size of half the palm. These discharge can actually cause gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids, tumors & uterine cancer!

With her sharing attitude, R.TCM.P Margaret Wong encouraged her friends to participate in the uterine detoxification programs. These helped her friends to solve the gynecological issues that they have been facing over the years. These have saved them from checking in & out from obstetrics and gynecology clinics & hospital.
R.TCM.P Margaret Wong with the power of love decided to spread her knowledge about detoxification therapy, gynecological messages & self-maintenance knowledge, to all women around the world, with a mission in mind. She then joined the International Silver Ribbon as a Reproductive Health Lecturer & Consultant.
For the past 8 years, R.TCM.P Margaret Wong has traveled throughout Malaysia including Brunei, providing services and educating women for their reproductive health awareness. Since then, ``San Ai`` products have been established as ``Good Trusted Brand``. Thanks to the Research & Development Team, Production Team & the Team of Doctors who work together to formulate more sophisticated and comprehensive formulas that allow women in Malaysia and Southeast Asian countries to regain their freedom of reproductive health and minimizing cervical cancer rates.
Only by educating & sharing professional knowledge can help women to take better care of themselves, enabling us to extend a healthy generation.

In 2015, R.TCM.P Margaret Wong and her husband Mr. Tee established SAN AI Bio Science Global Sdn Bhd. ``San Ai`` is inspired by God to love, care and educate more women. “Love God. Love People, Love Yourself, Keep a Compassion, Self-Denial.”

In the past 9 years, R.TCM.P Margaret Wong has hosted more than 500 campaigns on reproductive health and also helped more than 7,000 people to cure and prevent cervical cancer.

Together we “Creating a Healthy Cervical World with San Ai”.

Our Founder

Founder of Creating A World Without Cervical Cancer

Founder of San Ai Angels
三爱天使 – 创办人

San Ai Bio Science Global Products Developer & Health Consultant

Ahli Persekutuan Persatuan Tabib Perubatan Tradisional Cina dan Akupunktur Malaysia

Ahli Persatuan Tukang Urut Tradisional Cina Malaysia

Speaker of International Silver Ribbon Gynecological Cancer Awareness Campaign

USA Bio Medical Health Care Products Trainer

Speaker for HE & ME WOLVERINE Team Spectrum Health Garment